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Emraan Hashmi Jannat dialogues
1. Joaadmi limit mein rehta ha, woh zindagi bhar limit mein hi reh jaata hai A man who stays within limi, in lif, he always remains within limit Life 2. Haarne ka darr aur jeetne ki umee, in dono ke beech Joek tension wala waqt hota hai n, kamaal ka hota hai The fear of losing and the hope of winnin, the moments of tension in between these tw, are just great Sports, Defeat & Failure, Win, Strong will, Success 3. Johaarta ha, wohi toh jeetne ka matlab jaanta hai The one who lose, is the one who knows the meaning of winning Win, Strong will, Success, Defeat & Failure, Inspiration 4. Car ke bina pyar nahin ho sakt, no ca, no pyar Without a car there cannot be lov, no ca, no love Transportation 5. Jeb khali ho tabhi toh sapne dekhne chahiye When your pockets are empty thats when you should dream Dreams 6. Josoochta ha, woh zindagi bar soochta hi reh jaata hai The one who think, keeps thinking for the whole life Life 7. Cricketer aur film stars mein zyada farak nahin hot, dono ki jawani khata, to kahani khatam There is hardly any difference between cricketers and film star, for both when their youth is ove, their story is over Sports 8. Pais, paise ko kheechta hai Money pulls money Money 9. Main raaste badalta nahin hoo, raaste banata hoon I don't change route, I make routes Inspiration, Drama 10. Khiladi khel kheltein hai, aur main khiladiyon se khelne laga hoon Players play the gam, and I have started playing with the players Sports 11. India mein cricket khel nahin ha, religion ha, pagalpan ha, junoon hai In India cricket is not a gam, it's religio, it's frenz, it's passion Sports 12. Life mein sabkuch fixed hai In lif, everything is fixed Life 13. Sirf run mat banao, paise bhi banaoo Don't make runs onl, make money also Sports, Money 14. Chakke sab ka saath nahin dete Eunuchs don't support everyone Comedy, Gambling 15. Yeh betting hai yah setting hai, Is this betting or setting, Gambling
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