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Manish Paul Mickey Virus dialogues
1. Ek aalsi aadmi ko jab koi mushkil kaam do n, toh koi na koi aasaan tarika dhoond hi leta hai karne ka When you give a difficult task to a lazy perso, then somehow or the other he will find an easy way to do it Comedy 2. Vela hona n, bahut bada kaam hai To be idl, is big work Comedy 3. Superman ko hoti na agar itni zimmedaar, chaddi utaarke kab ki phenkh chuka hota apni If Superman had so many responsibilitie, then long back he would have removed and thrown away his underwear Clothes, Comedy 4. Main koi universal charger hoo, kahin bhi ghused doge Am I an universal charge, which can be inserted anywhere Technical, Comedy
Anonymous Mickey Virus dialogues
1. Saala badsurato ko hamesha achcha maal mil jaata hai Bloody the ugly people always get the good stuff Comedy

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