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Emraan Hashmi Murder 2 dialogues
1. Bhagwan ke pehle yah baad agar koi cheez ha, toh woh hai dha, daula, rokd, imaandari ka certificate nahi If there is anything before or after Go, then it is prosperit, wealt, cas, it is not the certificate of honesty Money, Truth, Social 2. Main charge bahut karta hoo, mujhe afford karna aasaan nahi hai I charge a lo, it is not easy to afford me Comedy 3. Main ayyashi bhi n, muft ki nahi karta hoon Even when it comes to debaucher, I don't look to do it for free Comedy
Anonymous Murder 2 dialogues
1. Tera dimaag tedha ha, lekin achcha sochta hai Your mind is weir, but you think well Comedy

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