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Saif Ali Khan Race 2 dialogues
1. Race hamesha meri thi aur meri hi raheg, kyun ki main is race ka sabse purana khiladi hoon The race always was and will remain min, because I am the oldest player of this race Sports 2. Badla jitna purana hota ha, utna hi khatarnak hota hai The older the reveng, the more dangerous it gets Revenge, Drama 3. Nazar teer par nah, nishaane par honi chahiye The eye must not be on the arro, it must be on the target Inspiration 4. Main paisa ghode par nah, jockey par lagata hoon I don't bet on the hors, I bet on the jockey Gambling, Animals, Drama
John Abraham Race 2 dialogues
1. Uski jeet ko main apni jeet mein badal doonga I will make his victory into mine Win, Strong will, Success 2. Aaj meri wajah se tumhari ek achchi aadat chute jayeg, zinda bachchne ki Today because of me you will lose a good habi, the habit escaping death Death, Action 3. Hum jaise purane paapi agar bhagwan ko pyare hone lag, toh uske reputation ka kya hoga If experienced sinful people like us di, then God's reputation will go bad Comedy
Jacqueline Fernandez Race 2 dialogues
1. Men are man, but money is money! Men are man, but money is money! Money, Men, Comedy
Deepika Padukone Race 2 dialogues
1. Mujhe aaise mard bahut pasand ha, jinke baare mein main yeh nahi samajh paat, ki woh tezz zyada hai yah good looking I love men of the typ, about whom I don't understan, whether they are more intelligent or more good looking Men, Romance
Anil Kapoor Race 2 dialogues
1. Ab mujhe life mein khushi chahiy, khud-khushi nahi Now I want happiness in lif, not suicide Life, Happiness, Comedy 2. A for appl, B for be quie, nahi toh C for chata A for appl, B for be quie, or else it will be C for clout Comedy, Food

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