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Rakhee Gulzar Ram Lakhan dialogues
1. Aurat ka sangharsh uske aasuon se nah, uske nischay se hota hai The battle of a woman is not with her tear, it is with her decisions Women, Drama 2. Yeh nyay nah, anyay hai! This is not justic, it is injustice! Drama
Anil Kapoor Ram Lakhan dialogues
1. Ho jaye tayaa, jaana hai bahaa, waqt hai ka, manzil hai doo, lekin jaana hai zaroor Get read, we have to go ou, the time is les, the destination is fa, but we have to go Comedy 2. Dhande aur career ke bare mein bha, bhai se jal sakta hai When it comes to business and caree, a brother can be jealous of another brother Business, Job, Drama

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