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Neha Dhupia Rush dialogues
1. Relationship TV screen ki images ki tarah hoti ha, woh images badalti hai aur tabhi ek story banti hai Relationship is like a set of images of a TV scree, those images change and then a story forms Romance, Technical
Emraan Hashmi Rush dialogues
1. Main apni raftaar se aage badna chahta hoon I want go ahead of my speed Drama 2. Joaadmi risk nahin let, uska sab kuch risky ho jaata hai One who does not take a ris, everything of that person becomes risky Inspiration, Drama 3. Un logon ko kabhi kabhi opportunities milti ha, Johamesha opportunities ke talaash mein hote hai Those people get opportunities sometime, who are always looking for opportunities Inspiration 4. Jab tak main bhaagta rahoong, tum chain se nahi baith paoge Until I keep runnin, you won't be able to relax Drama 5. Abus, misuse aur bring us the breaking news Abus, misuse and bring us the breaking news Comedy 6. Har insaan do zindagiyon ke saath aata ha, ek Jousse milti hai aur ek Jowoh khud banata hai Every person comes with two life', one that he gets and the other that he himself makes Life, Inspiration 7. Jab confidence gir jaata hai n, toh balance bhi bighad jaata hai When your confidence drop, then you lose your balance also Drama
Anonymous Rush dialogues
1. Aadmi truck bharke rupaya kama l, lekin izzat kamana aasaan nahi hai Even if a man makes a truck load of mone, it is still not easy to earn respect Money, Drama 2. Jorakshash ka shikaar karne nikalta ha, woh khud ek din rakshash ban jaata hai Those who venture out to hunt devil, one day they themselves become a devil Drama
Aditya Pancholi Rush dialogues
1. Maine apni zindagi ki shuruvat zero se k, ussi zero ko main apne bank account mein add karta gaya I started my life with a zer, and I took that zero and kept on adding to my bank account Money 2. Duniya ko dikhata hoo, ki dekho darr, darro aur dekho I show to the worl, that watch and be scare, be scared and watch Rowdyism 3. Andhvishvas mein vishva, kamzor log karte hai Those who believe in superstitio, are weak people Drama

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