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Rajesh Khanna Safar dialogues
1. Main marne se pehle marna nahin chahta I don't want to die before dying Death, Inspiration 2. Cancer ke keedon ke samn, na meri zindagi ki koi keemat ha, na tumhare aasuoon ki In front of the bugs of cance, there is no value of my lif, nor of your tears Life, Sad, Drama 3. Yeh toh main hi jaanta hoon ki zindagi ke aakhri mod par kitna andhera hai Only I would know how much darkness there is on the last turn of life Life, Sad, Drama 4. Main tumhe tumse zyada jaanta hoon I know you more than you know yourself Drama 5. Tum shamshaan mein bujhe chitta ki rakh mein zindagi dhoond rahi ho You are trying to find a life in the ashes of a pyre in a mortuary Drama, Life

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