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Vaani Kapoor Shuddh Desi Romance dialogues
1. Tum pehda hi chalu huye th, yah bade hoke koi infection lagi thi Were you born this smar, or did you get an infection when you grew up Comedy 2. Insaan ko jab pyar hota ha, woh ek pal sahi sahi yaad karna mushkil ho jaata ha, lekin woh pal jab pyar dil se udh jaata ha, hamesha yaad rehta hai When a person falls in lov, it becomes hard to remember that one momen, but the moment when loves flies away from the hear, you always remember that Romance
Rishi Kapoor Shuddh Desi Romance dialogues
1. Yeh Jodarr hota hai n, aadmi ko janwar banne se rokta hai Fear is the thin, that refrains a human from becoming an animal Drama
Parineeti Chopra Shuddh Desi Romance dialogues
1. Love vagehra ka khayali pulav maine taste karke pakakar chod diya hai I have cooke, tasted and left alone the imaginary rice of love etc. Food, Comedy 2. Burger mein tikki rakhne se woh hamburger nahi ban jaat, tikki burger hi rehta hai By keeping a vegetable patty in a burger is doesn't become a hamburge, it remains as a vegetable burger Food, Comedy 3. Jaan na pehchaa, free ki santaan I don't know hi, and you are making him my child Comedy
Anonymous Shuddh Desi Romance dialogues
1. Hum bajaye toh kaano mein pai, aur yeh paade bhi toh Tansen If I play then it is pain in the ear, and even if he farts then he sounds like Tansen Poetic, Comedy, Music

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