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Shashi Kapoor Silsila dialogues
1. Hum gayab hone waalo mein se nahi ha, jahan jahan se guzharte hai jalwe dikhate ha, dost toh ky, dushman bhi yaad rakhte hai I am not someone who will vanis, from wherever I pass I show my talen, not only friend, even my enemies remember me Enemy, Comedy
Amitabh Bachchan Silsila dialogues
1. Main aur meri tanhay, aksar yeh baatein karte ha, tum hoti toh kaisa hot, tum yeh keht, tum woh keht, tum is baat pe hairaan hot, tum us baat pe kitni hast, tum hoti toh aaisa hot, tum hoti toh waisa hot, main aur meri tanhay, aksar yeh baatein karte hai Me and my lonelines, ofter we tal, if you were here then how would it have bee, you would have said this and said tha, you would have been surprised at thi, how much would you have laughed on thi, if you were here then this would have happened and that would have happene, me and my lonelines, ofter we talk Poem, Romance 2. Phoo, khamosh rehkar bhi apne rang aur khusboo se bahut kuch keh jaate hai A flowe, stays quiet but still says a lot from its color and fragrance Plants 3. Woh baat Jolafzo mein ada ho jay, woh baat hi kya hui The thing that can be said with word, is not a thing at all Drama 4. Aaj tak toh gham-e-rozgaar se daaman nahi chuda sak, aap se milne ke baad shayad gham-e-dil se rishta ho jaye Till today I haven't been able to separate from the torment of lif, but after meeting you may b, I'll be able to build a relation with the torment of heart Romance, Life 5. Do lafz ha, tanh, akel, lekin ek saath likh diye jaye toh ek duniy, ek kainaa, ek talas, ek lamh, ek khushi ban sakte hai Two word, isolatio, lonelines, but if you write them together they can become one worl, one univers, one ques, one momen, one happiness Happiness, Drama 6. Sawaal agar khud jawaab h, toh sawaa, sawaal nahi rehta If the question itself is the answe, then the question does not remain a question Drama

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