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Sunny Deol Sohni Mahiwal dialogues
1. Ishq ki kismat ka faisla khud ishq hi karta ha, koi doosra nahi The decision on the destiny of love is done by love itsel, not by anyone else Romance, Destiny, Luck 2. Dil koi bartan nahi ha, jisse apni marzi se banaya aur toda ja sake The heart is not a vesse, which you make and break at your own wish Drama
Shammi Kapoor Sohni Mahiwal dialogues
1. Mohabbat kabhi nahi mart, mohabbat ko koi nahi maar sakt, mohabbat ke phool hamesha khile rahenge Love never die, no one can kill lov, the flowers of love will always stay blossomed Romance, Plants
Anonymous Sohni Mahiwal dialogues
1. Har manzil ek naye safar ki shuruvat hoti hai Every destination is the start of a new journey Inspiration 2. Taqdeer ke likhe ko aankhon ka pani nahi dho sakta Water from the eyes can't wash what's written in the destiny Sad, Destiny, Luck

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