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Shakti Kapoor Teen Patti dialogues
1. Itni dawaiyan kha raha hoon ki mera poora shareer ek chemist ki dukaan ban gaya hai I am eating so many medicines that my whole body has become a chemist shop Comedy
Amitabh Bachchan Teen Patti dialogues
1. Jeevan ko janne ke liy, usse pehle jeena hoga To understand lif, you first have to live it Life, Inspiration 2. Jeetne ke liye haarna bahut zaroori hai To wi, it is very important to lose Win, Strong will, Success, Defeat & Failure 3. Johai woh nahi ha, aur Jonahi hai woh ho sakta hai The thing that is ther, doesn't exis, and the thing that is not ther, can exist Drama
Ajay Devgan Teen Patti dialogues
1. Woh luck hi ky, Joagli baar ka intezaar kare What good is the luc, that has to wait for the next time Destiny, Luck 2. I want to be defined by who I a, not by what I own I want to be defined by who I a, not by what I own Inspiration

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