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Ajay Devgan Tezz dialogues
1. Duniya mein har aadmi jannat jaana chahta ha, lekin jannat jaane ke liye koi marna nahi chahta Everyone in this world wants to go to heave, but no one wants to die to go to heaven Drama 2. Aaj kal izzat maangne se nahi milt, chinni padti hai Nowadays you don't get respect by askin, one has to snatch it Drama 3. Zindagi se zyada mohabbat nahi karni chahiy, aakhir mein sabse haseen dhokha zindagi hi deti hai One should not love life a lo, in the end the most beautiful betrayal is given by life Life, Cheating, Drama 4. Saaza paane ke liye criminal hone ki kya zaroorat ha, beguna hona hi kaafi hai To get a punishment it is not necessary to be a crimina, being innocent is enough Crime, Drama

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