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Akshay Kumar Thank You dialogues
1. Shadi ho gai hai fir bhi boondiyaan loot raha hai He has gor married but still plundering Boondi(Indian sweets) Wedding, Comedy 2. Mardon ka to nature ye hai ke unhein bachche jo hain wo apane achhe lagte hai aur biwiyaan dusron ki achhi lagti hain The nature of men is that they cherish there own kids and likes wives of others Men, Comedy 3. Mard chaahe jitne bhi chakkar chala lein chalta hai lekin jab biwi ka chakkar chalta hai na to hamare jo mard hain wo chakkar kha ke gir jaate hain It is okay for a man to have many affairs but when the wife affairs then our men collapse out of dizziness Men, Comedy 4. Aisa kyun hota hai ki hum jis se sabse zyaada pyaar karte hain dukh bhi hum sabse zyaada usee ko dete hain Why do we aggrieve mos? the one whom do we loves the most? Love, Sad 5. Music jo hai na wo haathon se nahin dil se bajta hai The music is played by hear? not by the hands Music

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